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A reminder about the Community Guidelines

I have to be honest, gang. I am not real pleased with the tone of many of the comments I have been reading here lately, particularly in many of the Game Threads. The vulgar sexual remarks, the gay-bashing, the personal attacks and insults are completely inappropriate and need to stop.

We want Pinstripe Alley to be the best place on the Internet for New York Yankees fans to gather and discuss the Yankees. It will never be that if we, as a community, cannot behave like adults and treat each other with respect.

Below are the Community Guidelines.

1.)  This is a community blog about the most storied franchise in sports - the New York Yankees.  Please refrain from political, religious, or other topics completely unrelated to sports, baseball, or the New York Yankees.

We also ask you to bring your 'A' game when you comment. You have to do better than 'Red Sox suck.' Please add something intelligent to the conversation.

Please be civil.  Passionate debate is not only welcomed, but encouraged.  Personal attacks and name-calling is not. Posters who pick fights or flame will be warned. Continued inflammatory behavior may result in a permanent ban from this community at the discretion of the moderators. Remember, we are all here because we love the Yankees. We are all on the same side.

3.) Keep the cursing to a minimum. In fact, we would prefer none at all. Excessive cursing will draw a warning.

4.) Behave yourself when dealing with trolls, or when visiting other team sites. When you go to other SBN blogs, you represent PA. Do it with class.

I don't want to be a prude. I don't want to tell you not to have fun. I do want to ask you to please, be respectful of each other. And let's try to show some maturity.