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Around the Yankees Galaxy 4/12/2010

-One week into the 2010 season, and things are mostly good in Yankee-land.  A few players have yet to hit, and Javy Vazquez brought back memories of 2004, but the team is 4-2 after six road games against what are probably the two other best teams in baseball. 

There's probably just one legitimate thing to worry about at this point, and that's the bullpen, not how the guys are throwing but how much (or little) Joe G. will decide to tinker and micromanage it this season. The good news is, everybody in the 'pen is probably good enough to pitch at least the 8th inning for most of the other teams in baseball, so all the micromanaging essentially achieves nothing.

That doesn't make it less annoying, though.

-Kelly Shoppach's hit made things easy on Saturday, but Joe G. would have been right either way.  Here, he
confirms his thinking, while perhaps also commenting on the ratio of Yankees fans to Rays fans in Tampa:

I've got to do what I believe is right for CC and this organization.....I would have been booed here -- on the road. But that's part of the decisions that you have to make as a manager.

I wonder how many times the Rays get booed in a typical home game against the Yankees?

-It's About the Money Stupid has a really nice look at another form of revenue sharing that the Yankees take part in.

-Don't tell Nick Swisher that three ounces aren't very much.