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Game 5: The Veteran and the Rookie

An intriguing matchup today, with Cy Young hopeful CC Sabathia squaring off against Rookie of the Year hopeful Wade Davis.

CC Sabathia

#52 / Pitcher / New York Yankees





Jul 21, 1980

Wade Davis

#40 / Pitcher / Tampa Bay Rays





Sep 07, 1985

The Yanks have a chance to pull themselves into a tie with the Rays today (3-2). I'm a firm believer in all regular season games are created equal: if you win 90 games by going undefeated in April, May and June, they don't take that away from you come September.

But if the Yanks are going to beat the Rays, they're going to have to start hitting. The Rays' rotation is scary good, and their bullpen is improved to the point that their standing among the big boys of the AL East is no longer a question of luck or good breaks.

That means Arod and Tex need to overcome their small sample size blues and be the beast at the heart of this lineup.

If you decide to wander over to DRaysBay during the festivities, remember to play nice.