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New York Yankee notes: Plan for Hughes mapped out

Here are a few New York Yankees stories to keep you busy while we impatiently count down the hours to Sunday night's season-opener.

  • The 'Hughes Rules' for 2010 will include a trip to extended spring training. Phil Hughes is scheduled to make his first regular-season start April 15.

    From LoHud:

    Why do it this way?
    Girardi said this allows the Yankees to further control Hughes’ innings. The starts in extended spring training don’t count toward his innings limit, but they will keep him fresh. "There were times when he threw only 50 pitches (in spring training) when he other guys were throwing 70," Girardi said. "We feel like this is good to get him up to where he needs to be."

  • It appears that Curtis Granderson will play center field. To me, that is hardly a surprise.
  • There appears to be good news on the injury front.
  • The Daily News has posted its preview edition today. Included in that is a list of 28 reasons why the Yankees will win their 28th World Series. I particularly enjoyed No. 21.

    21. They aren't the Mets For the first time in a long time, the Yankees aren't the biggest circus in town. The Bombers will surely have their share of side-show antics to deal with, but given what has happened across town in the past three years, the Yankees look like the model of serenity.
  • In Boston, Javier Vazquez is being looked at as the biggest off-season acquisition by the Yankees.