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Split-squad doubleheader

Well, not exactly a true doubleheader, but rather two games at the same time. Jeter, A-Rod, Grandy, Winn and Aceves will travel to Bradenton to take on the Pirates while Javy Vazquez will make his spring debut in Tampa against the Phils.

The home game will air on YES at 1:05.

  • Postgame(s) notes -

The Yanks won both split-squad games, 7-5 against Philly and 6-0 against Pitt.

Jose Contreras, trying to latch on with the Phils, allowed six of the seven Yankee runs. Robbie Cano came through with a bases-full single. Nick Swisher added two doubles. It was good to see NJ out there again - he had three PAs, took every count deep and drew one walk.

Javy Vazquez grooved his first pitch, and Jimmy Rollins was looking for a first-pitch fastball and crushed it over the rightfield wall. But after that, Javy dominated, striking out four of the next six batters.

Dave Robertson got roughed up: .2 ip, 3 h, 2 er. He wasn't getting ahead of batters.

It was great to see Chris Garcia get some work in. If he can stay healthy (a huge if for him), he could make his ML debut this year.

(Jesus Montero looked good fielding a couple sliders in the dirt with runners on.)


In Bradenton, four Yankee pitchers combined for a one-hit shutout. Al Aceves threw four perfect innings with three strikeouts. Ivan Nova, Z-Mac and Jason Hirsh finished the match.

Granderson went 0-2 with a walk and is hitless for the spring. A-Rod and Jeter had a single apiece (Jeter was picked off first).