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Around the Yankees Galaxy 3/8/10

-Fangraphs does a little speculating about what we can expect from Jorge Posada going forward.  When you're in uncharted territory (like expecting a lot from a 39 year old catcher) you can never be confident.  But, I will go on the record saying I'm not quite as worried. 

Somebody like Ivan Rodriguez is a very interesting comparison.  Both are about the same (actually, Posada is a tad older) but other than the fact that they're both catchers and they'll both turn 39 this year, they have little else in common.  Rodriguez become a regular in the majors at 19, after catching 241 games in the minors, and today, with over 2,600 professional games under his belt , he is six years removed from his last excellent season.  However, since Posada wasn't drafted as a catcher and was blocked by Joe Girardi at the beginning of his carrer, he's caught nearly 700 fewer games in his career.  I'm sure an X-ray of their knees would tell us all we need to see. 

Posada probably has more gas left in the tank than any other 38-year old catcher in history.  So I think he's a reasonably safe bet to catch 100-120 games and hit like we'd expect him to in 2010.

-Sorry AJ, I don't think  your lack of a changeup has been the problem, it's the lack of throwing strikes.

-What is the likelihood that Jesus Montero breaks camp with the big club?  It was probably never that high, but this has to increase it at least slightly. 

-Relax.  We're one week into Spring Training games, so don't rush to judge Nick Johnson's durability as Pavano-esque.