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Spring Training Game 5: Road trip!

Today's match will be similar to Wednesday's: we'll see all three of Gaudin, Mitre and Aceves, followed by a slew of minor league pitchers.

The game against the Twins will not be televised.

PS: Stay tuned for the Oscars thread later tonight.

  • Postgame notes -

The Yankees failed to score, dropping today's match 11-0. They've averaged 3.2 runs/game through their first five.

Gardner, Tex and Thames had a single apiece. Cano had two singles and Montero had the only XBH (a double). Despite nine hits and two walks, the Yanks went 0-12 with RISP.

Mitre impressed again, tossing three shutout innings (2 h, 1 bb, 3 k).

Gaudin might be trailing Mitre in the race for a roster spot after giving up three runs in two innings. And Igawa showed his true self by letting up five runs in one inning.