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Spring Training Game 2: CC returns

We'll get our first look at the big man this afternoon. Game time is 1:05 - it apparently won't be televised until 7 p.m. on MLB Network.

(UPDATE 2:20 p.m. - Nick Johnson was scratched due to a 'stiff lower back.' Wow. It took all of one game for NJ to get hurt. Is that more or less than expected?... In fairness, he says he would have played if this was the regular season.)


Post game notes -

A strong pitching performance from nearly every pitcher in the game (on both teams). Sabathia, McAllister, Melancon, Nova and Logan combined for 6.1 scoreless innings.

Yankee batters had eight hits, but they were all singles. The only regular to get a hit was Cano, while Jamie Hoffmann and Jesus Montero chipped in with a hit apiece.

The replay of the game is scheduled for 7 p.m. on MLB Network.