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Quick Thoughts on Left-Handed Relievers

The Yankees currently have three left-handed relievers on their 40 man roster. Two of the three, Boone Logan and Damaso Marte, have a real shot of making the team, while the other, Wilkin De La Rosa, still needs time to polish as a possible starter. The Yankees do have Royce Ring in camp as a third possible candidate. Many people have been complaining about the fact that the Yankees really have only one solid left-handed reliever this year in Damaso Marte. Boone Logan is unreliable and Ring is an invitee trying to rejuvinate his career.

Is there a need for two left-handed relievers on the roster? Maybe not for the regular season, but the last three World Series Champions carried two left-handed relievers.

There are currently two left-handed relievers in the free agent market that are worth considering. Joe Beimel and Ron Mahay. Beimel, who pitched for the Nationals and the Rockies last year, went 1-6 with a 3.58 ERA last season. Lefties hit .258 against him and hit .265 against Beimel in his career. Mahay split time between the Royals and the Twins last year, pitching to a 2-1 record and a 4.21 ERA. Lefties hit .262 against Mahay in 2009 and .235 against Mahay in his career. Beimel is 32, Mahay is 38.

Is it worth giving Beimel or Mahay a deal for spring training and seeing how they do? Could they command a major-league deal? Is it too late to sign one of the two? My answers to those questions are yes, but only if they accept a minor league deal, and no, one team will have to sign them eventually. Thoughts? Stay put, minor-league deal for one of them, or sign them at any price?