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2010 Prediction Contest

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This is the actual contest - no more suggestions. The winner will get at least one Yankee book (probably this one), bragging rights, and possibly more (we're working on the prize(s)). Obviously the winner will have to give us his/her address to receive the prize(s).

I'll list all the questions via numbers. To give your answers, please just write the numbers with your choice for each next to the number in the comments section below (one entry per person, so think them through). Please choose whichever you think will be the higher number.

1. Innings for CC and Vazquez or hits for Jeter and Cano?

2. SB or CS for Cano?

3. GIDPs or HRs for Cano?

4. K's for Pettitte or Mo and D-Rob combined?

5. Wild pitches by Burnett or walks by Aceves?

6. Base-runners gunned down: Posada or Cervelli?

7. HRs for Gardner or SB for Teixeira?

8. Walk-off hits: Granderson or Swisher?

9. Complete games by Sabathia and Burnett vs. everyone else?

10. HRs for Winn or Thames?

11. Walks for Hughes or innings for Mo?

12. More games played: Arod or NJ and Winn combined?

13. Games started: Hughes vs. all other non-CC-Burnett-Pettitte-Vazquez starters?

14. Triples for Swisher or passed balls for Cervelli?

15. Higher batting average: Jeter or Cano?

16. Doubles for Cano or Jeter and Posada combined?

17. RBI for Cervelli or HR for Posada?

18. HRs allowed by Burnett or HRs hit by Nick Johnson?

19. First to the DL: Nick Johnson or any catcher?

20. Debuts first: Jesus Montero or Ivan Nova?

Tiebreaker: Hughes' ERA?

The contest will close after two days.