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New York Yankee notes: MLB takes back some cash

By now you may have heard the slightly bizarre story concerning how the 46 members of the Yankee organization who received full World Series shares have to give back $10,000. Seems Major League Baseball isn't so hot at math.

I guess the Yankees will just have to win the World Series again this time around to get their money back.

Let's look at a few more stories about our New York Yankees as we wait for today's first exhibition game.

  • The New York Post says the Yankees should make Derek Jeter an owner.

    Jeter is set on being an owner when his playing days are done. Without specifically talking about the Yankees, Jeter told The Post yesterday that being an owner is "definitely a goal of mine."

    One thing is certain, Derek Jeter attains his goals. So you can be sure he will be an MLB owner somewhere. Imagine if, down the road, Jeter becomes part of the ownership group of the Tampa Rays, with his team battling the Yankees every year in the AL East.

    It would make for great theater, but it just wouldn't be right. Jeter needs to be a Yankee for Life.

    There never will be another George Steinbrenner, but imagine the buzz of having Jeter as part of the ownership group. He could be Boss II. What better owner could the Yankees have than Jeter?

    My take: I actually agree with this. If Jeter wants to be an owner, the Yankees are the team he should own.

  • Kei Igawa has not been good for much as a New York Yankee. But, at least he was good for some laughs during Tuesday's arcade outing.
  • Manager Joe Girardi has admitted that Mariano Rivera was not fully recovered from shoulder surgery when the 2009 season began.
  • Hideki Matsui is an ex-Yankee, and he won't second-guess his decision not to wait for an offer from New York.