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Filed under: PA Fantasy League Draft (Live)

The official draft starts tonight at 7.

I've got 5th pick: I hope Arod falls to me, otherwise it's Mauer or Kemp for me.

1st round: Utley

Yikes.  V. Martinez in the 2nd and Youkilis in the 3rd.

Pitching in rounds 4 & 5: Lester and Vazquez.

The Round of Relievers: Ryan Franklin and Francisco Cordero.  Maybe I can pick up Cervelli later and have a Francisco battery.

Rounds 8 & 9- James Shields to round out my rotation and Soriano (I'm surprised he fell to me).

Drafting for needs.  SB from SS A. Escobar and SV from CL Marmol.

Jon Danks for the bench, Jason Kubel for power.  Drew Stubbs gives me a nice mix of SB & HR in the 14th round;

15th Round- I'm hoping for health from Nick Johnson.  Joe Blanton in 16th.  Mike Cameron in the 17th.  Hopefully Cameron and Johnson will hit many more homers in their new homes.

Rounded it out with Aaron Harang, Joel Pineiro and Brad Penny.  I don't know why I picked Penny.  My brain just stopped.

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