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What will become of Joba? Nobody knows for sure

We know Joba Chamberlain will be in the bullpen at the start of the 2010 season. We don't know if he will stay there all year. Next year? Maybe forever?

Even the Yankees don't appear to know.

Director of professional scouting Billy Eppler says no chance Joba starts this season.

General Manager Brian Cashman says, effectively,  'what are you talking about, Billy?'

"He's a starter that right now, the way this camp completed, his role on the club would be to help us out of the 'pen. "What 2011 is going to be like, or 2012, or 2013, it's hard to fast-forward to it. ... If I'm asked the question, I'm not getting to '11. I'm dealing with '10. Is it possible he can be in the rotation? I'd say, 'It's all possible.' He's a starter that's right now needed out of the 'pen."

So the Joba debate will rage on. Unless, of course, he is so good in the bullpen he makes it obvious he should stay there.