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Game 24: Didn't we literally just see these guys?

We get the Tigers again today, this time at The M. 

Andy Pettitte goes against Max Scherzer, one of the players Detroit received in the three-team deal that sent Curtis Granderson to the Yanks.

Mo Rivera is scheduled to pitch an inning.

We'll see the likely opening-day lineup.

First pitch at 1:05. TV is YES.

Tweeted: As Richard Gere is talking to Joba, Phil Hughes walked past. Gere turned from Joba and said to Hughes, "Hey, congratulations." AWK-ward [To say the least]

  • Postgame notes of a rain-shortened 8-0 win -

The Yankees put up six runs in the first thanks to six walks by Tiger pitching.

Marte pitched the first inning, Mo followed, then Logan, and then, of course, when it looked like they might be playing all day, Pettitte came in. That only increased the downpour, causing the umps to call the game in the fourth. It's the third time Andy has been rained-out this spring.

From what we saw, Pettitte looked good, throwing a perfect frame with a K.

At the plate...

Cano: 2-2, 2B, BB, 2 RBI

Jeter: 1-2, BB, R

NJ: 1-1, 2B, 2 BB, R, 2 RBI

Arod: 1-2, BB, R, 2 RBI

Grandy: 0-1, BB, R, RBI

Swisher: 0-0, 2 BB, R

Next game: Javy Vazquez goes against Baltimore at 7 p.m. tomorrow. TV is MASN (if you have it).