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Yanks vs. Phils... again

It seems like we haven't seen anyone but the Pirates, Tigers and Phillies all spring. Well, we get the Phils again.

Recently awarded fifth starter Phil Hughes will start on short rest tonight to get in line with the rest of the rotation.

Jamie Moyer goes for Philly.

First pitch at 7:05. No TV at all.

  • Postgame notes of a 3-0 loss -

How did 47-year-old Jamie Moyer nearly throw six perfect innings against the Yankees? I don't know, but he did.

The Yanks had four singles: one each by Thames, Weber, Cano and Swisher.

Phil Hughes pitched decently (3 ip, 1 er, 2 h, 4 bb, 5 k). The K's are nice, the walks (and wild pitches, of which he had two) are not. He also didn't record one groundball out (against four flyouts).

Mo Rivera and Damaso Marte each tossed a perfect, one-K inning.

Next game: Yanks at Tigers tomorrow at 1:05. TV is YES. Burnett vs. Robertson.