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2010 Prediction Contest ideas

This prediction contest will be a bit different than the usual ones. Here are some samples of the upcoming questions:

Who will have more?

HRs for Brett Gardner or SB for Teixeira?

GDPs or HRs for Cano?

Walk-off hits: Jeter or Tex?

WPs by Burnett or BB by Aceves?

K's for Andy Pettitte or Mo and D-Rob combined?

CGs by Sabathia and Burnett vs. everyone else?

GDPs for Nick Johnson or Brett Gardner and Granderson combined?

BA: Cano or Jeter?

HR: Swisher or Cano?

Base-runners gunned down: Posada or Cervelli?

K's: Tex or Arod?

etc., etc., etc.

If you have any more like these, drop them in the comments and I'll use the best 20 or so for the final contest.