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New York Yankee notes: Beckett a Yankee?

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How would you feel about seeing Josh Beckett in pinstripes next season?

Dan Shaughnessy figures the price tag for the soon-to-be 30-year-old right-hander will be too rich for the Boston Red Sox. That, of course, would put the Yankees in play.

Beckett is always an injury risk. But when right he is better than anyone the Yankees have other than CC Sabathia. And we have seen first-hand what kind of big-game pitcher a healthy Beckett can be. If the Yankees were willing to give A.J. Burnett $82.5 million over 5 years, my guess is they would go higher than that for Beckett.

At the least, it is worth serious consideration. Especially since the Yankees might need to replace both Javy Vazquez and Andy Pettitte next season.

  • If you are not tired of reading about how Phil Hughes will be the fifth starter, check out Joel Sherman's column today. As Sherman explains it, the choice is all about upside. And it was Hughes' job to lose all along. Speaking of Hughes, check out this video of Hughes showing off the grip on all of his pitches. Kinda cool.
  • River Avenue Blues follows its look at the best trades of the Brian Cashman era with its take on the worst deals ever made by the Yankee general manager. It really is based on players lost, not guys who flopped once they got to New York.

A few notes today about some former Yankees.