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New York Yankee notes: Mo gets to work

One day until there are some actual Spring Training baseball games to discuss! Hooray!

Until then, let's busy ourselves by looking around the Inter-Google for some interesting stories about our New York Yankees.

  • The Yankees' version of baseball royalty, Mariano Rivera, threw a bullpen session Monday. As usual, Rivera will set his own schedule in getting ready for the season.
  • The Sporting Blog has a somewhat annoying report about new Yankee reliever Chan Ho Park. Seems Park MIGHT be happy to be a Yankee. Or he MIGHT NOT be. Seems to depend on who he happens to be talking to.
  • The New York Times has an interesting tidbit about outfielder Marcus Thames. Seems Thames, who has 101 career home runs, reached 100 homers in fewer at-bats than anyone in major league history. 
  • There seems to be a growing chorus of opinion that if former No. 1 pick Andrew Brackman has a big-league future, it will be in the bullpen. Here is the latest piece supporting that argument.
  • Non-roster lefty reliever Royce Ring probably has a decent chance of making the team this spring, or finding his way to the Bronx some time this summer. So, here is a chance to get to know a little about him.
  • What is it about Yankee pitchers and changeups? A.J. Burnett has joined the list of Yankee pitchers trying to perfect a changeup this spring.