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Live Blogging the Yahoo Draft

That's right.  I'm getting my geek on.

I'm all set up, here in my mother's basement, with my spreadsheets and my pocket protector, ready for PA's Yahoo! League Draft.

The Order:

1. Free Bradshaw
2. Lord Duggan
3. Bill Buckner
4. ntrokel
5. Levictus6688
6. moose35
7. Scooby Snacks
9. Ed Valentine
10. Brandon C.
11. Baseballers
12. YanksVikes
13. Number Seven
14. Top Jimmy's
15. Wart's Veggies
16. jscape2000
17. ACPhoenix
18. NY Soriano 12
19. BronxBombers27
20. BronxBombers88

Update: Consternation in the draft because FreeBradshaw is having browser trouble with 2:30 to go.  Stay tuned!

Update: Hanley first, then Pujols

Update: The elite hitters are off the board, I'm starting to seriously consider some pitchers.

Update: The autodraft has taken over for most of the teams.  With holes still at 1B and IF I'm looking for someone with power (Shelley?).  I also have a lot of pitching slots still open.  I may wind up throwing up a bunch of pitchers and seeing what sticks.