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Around the Yankee Galaxy: Aceves the frontrunner

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Another stellar performance from Alfredo Aceves has him on the tips of everybody's tongues. He threw four innings of one-run ball yesterday against Baltimore, raising his spring ERA to 0.90 -

"He looked real good," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. "I thought he threw the ball exceptionally well. Ahead in the count all day for the most part, used all his pitches, changed speeds, in and out, really good."

In three spring appearances covering 10 innings, Aceves has allowed only a single run, though Girardi has maintained that the competition won't be decided on numbers alone.

As Granderson is seeing, everything with the Yankees is bigger than life, from the media following the team to the deal that is made of anything the new guy does - such as his invitation ride to Lakeland with Derek Jeter on Wednesday. Alex Rodriguez rode shotgun, Granderson took the back seat in the purring Mercedes.

"You sit there and go, 'Man, do I call home and tell my friends who I got a ride with?'" Granderson said.

"Every year you hear: ‘When are the Yankees going to move him off catcher? He's not this, he's not this,' " General Manager Brian Cashman said. "I don't care what anyone else thinks. We're going to do what we think. All the tools are there, all the ability is there. With that bat, if he can stay behind home plate? Wow."