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Upset Yankees Fan's E-mail

UPDATE: 9:40 PM: Follow up email from the emailer

Hey Brandon, I rad some of those emails and I am sorry for saying what i said. Granderson is Grand! (erson) and Randy Winn should not change his name. Btw, I am 35 years old (a mature 35, for that matter) I am not upset that u posted it cause i got my answers to my theories. Thanks and i won't steal ur hob i promise man!

Can't spell job right, can we now?

Ever since I started the blogging business I received some pretty humorous emails. One claimed I was secretly the prime minister of Britain (true story) and one claimed I was Larry Lucchino (true story) Neither of those, however, came close to being as funny as the one I received today. The rest of this passage will be excerpts from the e-mail and my own comments about it.

Dear Brandon C. As a fellow Yankees fan I decided to reach out to you through email. I am very upset to the Yankees start of spring trayning this season. The Yankees are not hitting good and are not pitching well. Please read this email and reply your thoughts on my ideas and thoughts. Thank you.

OK, I'm not much of a grammar freak, but trayning? Seriously? Read on for the rest (believe me, it gets better).

First issue is the Yankees trading for Curtis Granderson. Last time I checked Granderson is hitting .083 and Austin Jaxson is hitting .583. Jaxson was a top prospect for the Bronx Bombers. This trade has not panned out the way I would like, and Granderson is incapable of handling the Bronx. I say trade Granderson to the Mets for Fernando Martinez and Ike Davis.

Ok, how many games have been played in Spring Training so far, 5? The idea of trading Granderson this early is funny enough, but for Fernando Martinez AND Ike Davis?

Why do the Yankees trust Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain? Joba has shown he is not a capable starter and Hughes should be a closer. The Yankees should sign Jardo Washburn and Mark Prior to compete for the 5th starter job. Trade Joba Chamberlain to the Brewers for Prince Fielder and make him your new DH. Release Nick Johnson, he sucks massively.

OK, so many things wrong here. Yes, Hughes and Joba have pitched poorly so far, but they've only had two appearances a piece. The idea of signing "Jardo" Washburn (Jarrod Washburn, I assume) AND Mark Prior (hilarious) is just plain wrong. Joba for Prince? I wish.....Nick Johnson I won't even comment on.

Randy Winn, more like Randy LOSE....

OK, that is funny.

Finally, when you're mommy tucks you in at night, does she say "don't worry, everything is going to be alright"? I bet she does. I also bet the Yankees come in 3rd place this year (Red Sox 1st, Orioles 2nd) and sign Carlos Crawford at the end of the season. Everything will not be alright. And a quick thought on the blog, sir, I was gunna post this in a "fanpost" but I have better things to do like breathing. If i might wanna quit your fob, as I would be taking it after Ed offers me it....I write better than Pulitzer.

OK, no comment. Come up with commentary on your own people! Just felt the need to pass along this brilliant email. Comments?