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Around the Yankees Galaxy 3/1/10

-Joel Sherman takes a look at the Yankee's future and is worried. I am too, at least a little.  Thirty isn't what it was a few years ago, now that steroids are supposedly banned.  And the Yankees have a lot of guys, signed for a lot of money and a lot of years, well into their 30s.  But let's not panic.  Cashman has taken steps to make the team younger, more athletic, and flexible from a payroll standpoint.  And he's avoided making the kind of signings that look terrible the next day (like the Cubs with Alfonso Soriano, the Cardinals with Matt Holliday, or the Astros with Carlos Lee). And

11 AL players 33 or older had an OPS better than .850 and five of those were Yankees (Rodriguez, Posada, Matsui, Jeter and Damon).

You can't prevent players from declining or getting injured, at least not entirely.  The fact that the Yankees were able to get that much out of their older players last season was probably due to equal parts good luck, good training, and good management/scouting.  So I'll keep my fingers crossed.

-It looks like Joe Girardi knows a little something about Robinson Cano and advanced statistical analysis.  That's a good thing in my book.

-The New York Times has a nice little profile of Jamie Hoffman.

-Brian Cashman says something that has honestly crossed my mind before:

If (Robinson Cano) can be more selective at the plate, he could have a Hall of Fame-type career.

-Marc Carig runs a Q & A with Jesus Montero.  On a side note, it's nice to know he can fall back on the family business if this baseball thing doesn't work out for him.