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New York Yankee notes: How the Bombers could fall apart

Here are a few New York Yankee-related stories to entertain you while we wait impatiently for Spring Training, which is just a few days away.

  • As we know, the Yankees are one of those franchises in sports that you either love or hate. And we know Yankee-haters are just dying to see the Bronx Bombers fall flat on their collective $200 million faces after winning the World Series in 2009. The Orange County Register has a photographic, and sometimes light-hearted, look at how that could happen in 2010.
  • Bench? What bench? NoMaas is not impressed with the collection of spare parts General Manager Brian Cashman has assembled for the Yankee outfield.
  • Speaking of Cashman, he says Joe Girardi, Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter will have to wait until after the season to negotiate new contracts.
  • FanGraphs says Joba Chamberlain lost an average 2.5 miles-per-hour off his fastball in 2009, the biggest drop of any pitcher with at least 50 innings in the big leagues last season. We saw last post-season that Joba can still dial it up, but he just doesn't bring the same heat when he starts games.
  • Just like Derek Jeter used to work his way through the Maxim Hot 100 before Minka Kelly got ahold of him, Alex Rodriguez seems to be into Hollywood starlets. Seems he has moved on from Kate Hudson to Cameron Diaz.
  • River Avenue Blues tries to put together a former Yankee farmhand All-Star team.