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Around the Yankees Galaxy 2/8/2010

-No news is good news as we start what figures to be another slow week for baseball.  Aren't we just about due for another name to be released from the 104 anonymous positive steroid tests in 2004? (kidding)

-Hopefully we can end any speculation before it starts this season:

"Jeter's place in Yankee history is obvious, so I think you can pretty much assume from there" - Hank Steinbrenner

So there's no need to talk about contract nonsense.  Derek Jeter will either play baseball for the Yankees in 2011 and beyond, or he won't play baseball.  Let's leave it at that.  Which isn't to say that the sentimental choice is always the best one - 40 year old middle-infielders are pretty uncommon in baseball history (especially ones who play their position well), but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

-No Maas asks the obvious question.  Let's remember this is Boras talking, although hiring him to essentially run your PR says something about you as well. 

-It's now been two years since the trade that never happened, and some people still don't seem to get it.  There are two sides to the coin - "can't miss" prospects routinely do miss, but veteran players often see their careers derail due to injury or ineffectiveness.  I think it's important to remember that the Yankees passed on Santana because they figured to sign Sabathia the next offseason.