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New York Yankee notes: Hank lives!

Hank has been found! For the first time in very, very long time Hank Steinbrenner surfaced Thursday and talked a little bit about the state of the New York Yankees.

"The two trades that Brian did I was really pleased with and very proud of," Steinbrenner. a team co-chairman, said Thursday. "I think that is going to make a big difference for us.

"We needed another top-notch starter and got one," Steinbrenner said.

Thanks for approving, Hank. Now, please crawl back into whatever cave you have been hiding in and let Brian Cashman and your brother, Hal, run the team. They are doing just fine without you.

  • NoMaas has a terrific interview with BaseballAmerica writer John Manuel in which they discuss the Yankee farm system. Here is Manuel's take on the overall state of the farm system.

    "Not bad, certainly not ideal, but then it's not usual for a team to both win a World Series championship and have a great farm system simultaneously. The system contributed heavily to the 2009 championship with a nearly completely homegrown bullpen, plus Cabrera, Cano and Brett Gardner being contributors from the system in the last five years, and then the system contributed again this offseason with the Granderson deal. I'd be satisfied but also cognizant of the need to bring more out of some of the system's top talents."
  • Here is the audio of an MLB Network interview with Derek Jeter.