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New York Yankee notes: A-Rod meets the press

Alex Rodriguez held a press conference at New York Yankees Spring Training Thursday. It was a lot different than the one he held a year ago.

Here are a couple of A-Rod quotes from the event.

"It's definitely a much different day. That's clear to me. Last year, obviously, was a very embarrassing day, and something that I wouldn't want to go back and do. But looking back, I certainly thought it was a very important day. I've done  a lot of growing up and realized a lot of things, and I'd like to think that I put a lot of those things into play in 2009."

On winning his first World Series: "Now that you taste it, you just want to keep doing it again. There's no question for me that it wasn't a monkey, it was a humongous gorilla that came off my back. And I felt that."

  • The New York Yankees, as we know, got Curtis Granderson this winter. The Chicago Cubs also badly wanted the former Detroit Tiger, and the Chicago Tribune's Phil Rogers has taken a wistful look at what might have been.
  • Travis and I were featured Thursday on Interestingly, we both said almost exactly the same thing.