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New York Yankee notes: Thank God for baseball!

This is one of the great things about baseball's Spring Training. There is more than a foot of snow outside my window in Upstate New York, it has been snowing since Tuesday morning, and it isn't supposed to stop until Friday.

Yet, there is baseball to talk about. Gotta love that!

You also have to love Mark Teixeira showing up at the New York Yankees camp Tuesday and saying there is no reason the defending champion Yankees can't win another title.

"Once you taste that victory, you realize it's everything you've ever hoped for," Teixeira said. He was in camp on Tuesday, reporting day at spring training for position players. As for considering New York to be the 2010 favorite, Teixeira says the Yankees "have to feel that way every single season." "We feel like we're just as capable of defending our championship as we were winning it last year," Teixeira said. "We have a great team with a core group of guys back."