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New York Yankee notes: A.J., Jorge are trying to play nice

Are these really the New York Yankees? No distractions, no controversies, no huge free-agent signings to defend. One reporter has even dubbed this Spring Training as "Camp Quiet" for the Yankees.

One really positive thing going on is that A.J. Burnett and Jorge Posada are working hard to overcome the difficulties they seemingly had last season in getting on the same page. With Jose Molina in Toronto, that will be important.

Molina caught all five of Burnett's postseason starts, including two decisions in the World Series, and there was a noticeable statistical difference with Posada not behind the plate.

In 16 regular-season starts with Posada, Burnett watched hitters bat .270 with a .421 slugging percentage; with Molina calling pitches, opponents hit .221 with a .353 slugging percentage.

Burnett said that he and Posada had some difficulty communicating early in the season. One difference could have been that Molina -- now with the Blue Jays -- caught most of Burnett's bullpen sessions during the season, allowing them time to bond, a luxury that Posada was not afforded as the starting catcher.

"The more we get to work with each other, the more we're going to learn from each other," Burnett said. "I hope he catches me every start. We were talking about the good games we threw together last year."

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