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Predictions For the 2010 Season

Hey guys, it's about time for our 2010 predictions to be made! At the suggestion of some fellow bloggers and Yankees fans I have decided to do a bit of a contest! There are 50 questions, each correct answer is worth 2 points...most points win....good luck and here are the questions! Idea was basically stolen from Bless You Boys, the Tigers blog of SB Nation.

1. Who will win the AL East?

2. AL Central?

3. AL West?

4. NL East

5. NL Central

6. NL West

7. Who plays in the ALCS (first team)

8. Who plays in the ALCS (second team)

9. Who plays in the NLCS (first team)

10. Who plays in the NLCS (second team)

11. Who wins the World Series

12. Who wins the World Series MVP

13. Who will win the AL MVP

14. NL MVP

15. AL Cy Young

16. NL Cy Young

17. AL Rookie of the Year

18. NL Rookie of the Year

19. AL Manager of the Year

20. NL Manager of the Year

21. Number of home runs Jeter

22. Home Runs Nick Johnson

23. Home Runs Teixeira

24. Home Runs Rodriguez

25. Home Runs Granderson

26. Home Runs Posada

27. Home Runs Cano

28. Home Runs Swisher

29. Stolen Bases Gardner

30. Wins CC

31. Wins Burnett

32. Wins Pettitte

33. Wins Vazquez

34. Games Started Joba

35. Games Started Hughes

36. Games Pitched in Joba

37. Games Pitched in Hughes

38. Saves Rivera

39. Games played Jesus Montero (MLB)

40. Home Runs Jesus Montero (MLB)

41. MLB Games Pitched in Kei Igawa

42. Home Runs Cervelli

43. First manager fired

44. 2nd place in AL East

45. 3rd place in AL East

46. 4th place in AL East

47. 5th place in AL East

48. No hitters/perfect games thrown MLB

49. Home Runs Shelley Duncan

50. Wins Wang

These are the 50 questions.

Please, I am begging you, please do not comment on this unless you are answering the predictions. I don't want to see ANY +1's, replies to predictions, "you are crazy"'s, that'll never happens, just make your predictions and that's it. If I do grade the predictions at the end of the year, which I plan on doing, it is already difficult enough. Any extra comments make it increasingly difficult and almost un-doable. (Not a word, oh well)

UPDATE: 3:55 PM: For all the categories, if the player gets traded it doesn't matter the stats still count (ex: Igawa is traded midseason, gets 14 appearances overall, 2 with Yankees....14 would be correct number, not 2)