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Saturday News: The Tools of Ignorance

I'll miss Hideki Matsui's bat.  But I will not miss his knees, especially when he opens Spring Training by saying: "to be honest, my knees aren’t 100 percent." (h/t LoHud)

Now he could mean that he doesn't feel the way he felt in 2003 before a series of injuries and surgeries sapped his mobility.  He could mean that he just needs a couple weeks to test things out to chase away any nagging doubts after not playing the field in more than a season.

But he must know Spring Training interviews are the time for the "best shape of my life" stories, right?

Speaking of "best shape of my life stories," here's one about Nick Swisher shedding 10 pounds in 3 months.

And while you're at, did you check out the wallpaper on the official Yankee site?  It may have been up all winter, but I just noticed the pinstriped plate with 27 and the NY in front of the trophy.

Andy Pettitte said he wanting to hoist the trophy was why he came back to NY, but did he really pass up a fortune to remain with the Yanks in 2009?

On a day when Johnny Damon moved closer to signing with the Tigers – no doubt, deepening his regret at not taking the Yankees’ last offer in December – Pettitte recalled the $5 million offer the Bombers made for the 2009 season.

Talk about a test of loyalty. The Yankees were asking Pettitte to take a pay cut of more than $10 million, when the left-hander said other teams were offering him "a fortune."

The Yanks certainly played hardball with the lefty, but he did earn about $12M last season, plus a World Series share and a ring.

And to bring it full circle: if the schedule remains as is, and the Yanks decide to use the home opener as Ring Day, I have one thing to be excited for and one thing to complain about.

The cool part: Hideki Matsui will be in the house to receive his ring.

The suckitude: it will happen at 1 on a Tuesday, so most people will be at work/ school and not get to watch on tv.

Solution?  Make Opening Day a night game.