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New York Yankees notes: Matsui, Joba

Yes, the New York Yankees let him go. Monday, however, General Manager Brian Cashman left no doubt he understands the contributions made by Hideki Matsui during his seven season with the team.

The World Series trophy that Hideki Matsui helped secure was on display in Tokyo on Monday, and the Yankees delegation on hand said that the Japanese slugger will be difficult to replace in their lineup.

While they have parted ways, general manager Brian Cashman said that bringing Matsui to New York will go down as one of the best moves he has made, according to a Reuters report.

"I've had some successful signings in Japan; I've had some unsuccessful signings in Japan," Cashman said. "Hideki Matsui will be one of the best deals I ever made.

"We will have future players from Japan on our roster. They will do everything in their power to try to help us win, but I doubt we'll find another Hideki Matsui."

Matsui, 35, hit .292 with 140 home runs and 597 RBIs in seven seasons with the Yankees.

Chamberlain ready to fight for spot in Yankees' rotation -
Joba Chamberlain knows he has tons of competition for the final spot in the starting rotation. I am thinking that maybe being challenged rather than coddled will be exactly the right medicine for Chamberlain.

"I'm going to go in and understand a lot of guys are fighting for that spot," Chamberlain said after an autograph signing in New Rochelle in conjunction with Steiner Sports. "Nothing is guaranteed." 


WFAN - Yanks are Healthy and Happy
From Sweeny Murti:

The Yankees are unusually healthy coming into this season. Last year when spring training began, Jorge Posada was coming off major shoulder surgery, Mariano Rivera had a minor shoulder procedure, Hideki Matsui had his knee scoped, and A-Rod was a few weeks away from hip surgery that took him out of action for the first month of the season.

This year, believe it or not, the Yankees don’t have a single major league player coming into the spring rehabbing a surgical procedure of any kind. No scopes, no shaves, no tweaks. The Yankees aren’t as old as they used to be, but still have a number of aging players. Their ability to stay healthy was a key reason for their success last year and so far it’s carrying over into 2010.