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The hunt for No. 28 begins

FINALLY! Baseball is back. Pitchers and catchers officially report today, so forget that snow outside your window if you live in the Northeast. It's BASEBALL SEASON!


I know you are pumped up about the beginning of a new season. Maybe not as pumped up as our own 'Crazy Yankee Chick,' though. The CYC messaged me this morning to say she was so excited about Spring Training that she hadn't been able to sleep. Sorry, CYC, I couldn't resist mentioning it.

Speaking of the CYC, some of you have asked if she is still part of the PA staff. Yes, and though she has been MIA through the off-season she will be back shortly. Here is a peek at what she has been up to lately.

Follow the jump for a new notes as we start the countdown to No. 28.