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New York Yankees notes: It's almost time for baseball

I know you are pumped up for baseball with the start of Spring Training really just a matter of hours now. But, just to help you here is a little something special. Oh, and there is a nice surprise you will enjoy at the end.

  • Curtis Granderson has not played a game yet for the Yankees. But, he did something Monday that shows yet another reason why Yankee fans will love him. He made it easy for Manager Joe Girardi to move him to left field if that is what Girardi ultimately decides is best for the Yankee defense.

    "People forget that I came up as a left fielder," Granderson said after a workout at the club's complex. "In the Minor Leagues all the way up to Double-A, I didn't start playing center field consistently until my second year in the Minors. Even when I came to the big leagues, I played a few games in left. I have no problem going back over there if that happens to be."

    Manager Joe Girardi has said he is open to considering the switch this spring, but he made sure to check with Granderson over the winter to make sure he was on board.

    "He called and asked, 'Hey, how do you feel about that? Be honest with me, if you don't [like it], let me know,'" Granderson said. "I said I'm able to do that, and move up and down the lineup. I've batted in every spot pretty much except the third spot. I've got no problem moving, switching, bouncing around -- whatever it happens to be."

    You have to love that attitude. I am so excited to see what this guy does in Yankee Stadium. I think he could have some very memorable seasons in New York.
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