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Around the Yankee Galaxy: T-minus three days...

Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training on Wednesday.

Brett Gardner wants to prove he should play everyday. Part of doing that is improving his bunting and honing his skills in rightfield.

I'll just go into Spring Training, stay healthy and do the best I can. It's not really something I worry about. Hopefully, I'll have a good spring and do well enough for them to feel I need to be out there every day no matter where I am.

  • It looks like Joba has a leg up on Phil Hughes for the last starter's spot because his innings cap is gone. Dave Eiland said he wants 200 innings from all five starters, and since Hughes pitched only 105 between the majors and minors in 2009, there's no way the Yanks will let him accrue 200.
  • A great article by Anthony McCarron highlights Jesus Montero's past, present and future. He's hard at work in Tampa, focusing on his defense. A rival baseball executive said:

His bat may not be too far from the big leagues, but they'll have to decide his position. Jesus has a chance to be a very, very big hitter. He reminds me of Carlos Delgado at that age.

  • When a team's biggest concern is the fifth starter spot, things are good. Whether it's Joba or Phil, we're in good shape. Both should, at worst, be league average starters, which, for the fifth spot, is fantastic.
  • Gene Monahan, the Yankees' trainer, will miss his first Spring Training in 48 years with a "significant illness that possibly could sideline him for the beginning of the regular season." Monahan is 'the longest tenured head athletic trainer in the majors.'
  • The biggest issue and non-issue for the 2010 Yankees is Derek Jeter's expiring contract. Ty Kepner takes a look at the symbiotic relationship Jeter has formed with the Yankees and the city of New York.