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Cuban shortstop to be Jeter's heir?

The Yankees are interested in a 21-year-old shortstop who defected from Cuba last year. Adeinis Hechavarria (scouting report) is expected to sign for $7-8 million, and would likely be a first-round pick if he was draft-eligible. His bat is reportedly better than recent Red Sox-signee and fellow Cuban, Jose Iglesias, who signed for $8.2 million (though his glove is not as well regarded).

Jorge Arangure has been hearing conflicting reports about Hechavarria. He expects him to get more than Iglesias, hears that his defense might be superior, and says the he was so good for the Cuban Junior team that he pushed Iglesias to secondbase. However, his OPS last year was a paltry .657.

The Yanks have been very hit-and-miss with Cuban prospects, so this could go either way. The recent Yankee tendency for conservatism with international free agents (specifically after Igawa) probably means he'll sign elsewhere.