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An Assortment of Random Thoughts

I know, I know I promised not to post before I leave for Florida Sunday, but a few things happened of late that I couldn't resist posting about.

First of all, if Johnny Damon is really close to a deal with the Tigers or the White Sox for a 2 year $14M deal (the Yankees original offer) fans will surely be impressed by Scott Boras' job. Job well done, right? Wrong. Job not done well. Damon made it known from the beginning that he wanted to play for the Yankees, or the team that gave him the most money. After all this is said and done the Yankees will be the team that gave him the most money (or tied, or maybe 1-2 million less) in their original offer. The offer was on the table, but Boras said not to even discuss such a ludicrous deal. Ludicrous? Funny, because now that is the deal that Boras is likely going to be praised for prying out of the Tigers or White Sox.

Speaking of which, how about the Tigers and/or the White Sox? Getting Damon for $7 million per, great deal, right? Wrong. Damon could have been signed for about 1-year, $5 million if the team played their cards right. Instead, it looks as if the two teams are in a bidding war for a 36 year old rapidly defensively declining hitter. Damon will surely be a DH only if not this year, but next. Also, Damon's numbers were assisted by Coors Field East. Damon hit 17 of his 24 home runs at Yankee Stadium, while Hideki Matsui hit 13 of his 28 at the Ballpark in the Bronx. Just a few things teams interested should consider. No deal is done, but one will likely come soon. The deal will likely look like a bargain. In reality, it will probably be a complete flop.

Second of all, how about the Yankees trying Jesus Montero out at first? This move really has no downside, but fans seem to be getting a little worked up about nothing. As Travis said in the fanshot, it would make tons more sense for Montero if he worked out in the corner outfield spots. With first base occupied for many years to come and Mark Teixeira being the every day type of player he is, there is no point in claiming Montero a future first-base option. Rob Abruzzese of Bronx Baseball Daily tries to offer one option, saying "So next year the Yankees could use Montero as a first baseman for about 50 games. They could also use him to spell Jorge Posada for at least 50 games and then DH for the final 50 or so other days." This idea would not make sense, as stated in the comments of the article, Teixeira would not play DH/sit out 50 games. One idea that could work though is testing Montero out in the corner outfielder spots in spring training and practice and seeing how he fits there. Let him start the season as solely a catcher and if that fails try him out splitting time between corner outfield, catcher, and DH. Thoughts?

That's all I have to rant about today, unless you want to hear my thoughts about the New York Rangers acquiring Jody Shelley yesterday (ugh....oh wait wrong sport)

I'll try to reply to all comments before I leave, but on a happy note, when I come back pitchers and catchers will have reported!