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Why the Yankees Inviting Few Players to Spring Training is a Good Thing

Since yesterday when the Yankees announced their list of non-roster invitees I have received eight emails. All eight had the same topic: why did the Yankees invite so few players to Spring Training this year?

The funny thing is it is the number of players invited is very similar to last years number. The main difference is that last year the majority of the players were at different positions and had actual chances of making the MLB roster.

This year the non-roster invitee list includes the following players:

Invitees: Arias, Bleich, Curtis, Duff, Gorecki, Higashioka, Hirsh, Igawa, McAllister, Montero, Pilittiere, Ring , Rivera, Romine, Sanit, Segovia, Thames, Weber, Whelan, Winfree

Out of those players, the only ones that really have a chance of making the MLB roster are Gorecki, Ring, Rivera, Thames, and maybe Whelan. Out of these players the only ones that I really think have a solid chance are Ring and Thames.

Yankees fans need to understand that the less spots available for AAAA type players the better. Reid Gorecki likely won't make the roster, barring an amazing spring training. Royce Ring has an OK chance considering the fact that Boone Logan is currently the second lefty. Mike Rivera could make the roster if Francisco Cervelli the great slays his competitor, some guy Posada, or if Cervelli or Posada get hurt and the Yankees need extra insurance.

Thames has a solid shot. Honestly, I think he makes the roster over Jamie Hoffmann and Hoffmann is offered back to the Dodgers, who decline to take him back. That would be the perfect scenario for the Yankees.

P.S. does anyone else get the vibe that Thames and his former fellow outfielder Craig Monroe are practically the same player?

Look out for Curtis, the highest level prospect outfielder, to get a good look. Grant Duff is a hard throwing option out of the AAA pen. Hirsh and Igawa both need injuries and solid performances to make the club. One interesting thing to look for will be if McAllister is ahead of Hirsh and Igawa on the depth charts.

Final thought of the day: (This isn''t really a thought, more like a statement) I am going to Florida for about a week and I will be leaving on Sunday. I probably won't get another post in by then unless news breaks. I will definitely answer all comments before then and I will not be visiting spring training this year. If Fantasy Baseball starts before/while I am away I am definitely interested in joining/starting a league, but only if it is Yahoo. It'll be good to get a little break and you guys will get less random rambling from me!