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Around the Yankee Galaxy: Winter Meetings Edition

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Carl Crawford has agreed to sign with the Boston Red Sox for $142 million over seven years. Anyone think they got desperate after Jayson Werth signed elsewhere (who looked to be the better fit)? Frankly, Crawford's excellent leftfield-defense will largely be wasted in the shadow of the Green Monster.

Now that the Sox have three of the better left-handed batters in baseball, will the Yankees' offer to Cliff Lee (~6/140) go up? Brian Cashman admitted the Crawford deal would make it tougher to get Lee. BTW, Lee vs. LHB in his career: .713 OPS Against, 2010: .706. Frankly, he's just about as good vs. LHB as RHB, so the platoon advantage really shouldn't have a bearing on it.

Apparently the mystery team that offered Lee seven years was the very same Red Sox, trying to throw a wrench into Cashman's plans. (Though the Yanks interest in Crawford may have been all for show.)

  • CC Sabathia said Cliff Lee's contract would have no effect on whether he exercised his opt-out clause (which he's not planning to do) after the 2011 season. I'll believe it when I see it.
  • Contrary to many reports, the Rays-Padres trade that would have sent Jason Bartlett to San Diego has not happened (at least not yet).
  • Jim Leyritz did a radio interview a couple days ago. Here's the transcript.