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Around The Yankees Galaxy - 12/8/08

  • Christina Karl of Baseball Prospectus looks at the goofy "points" system surrounding the option year of Derek Jeter's new contract, and how they're all tied to awards voting (a.k.a popularity contests) rather than more common incentives like games played or plate apperances.  It reminds me how Curt Schilling had a bonus based on Cy Young voting results, and he basically made his own push to get a couple of votes so he could get the award.  Granted, Jeter doesn't have the loudmouth that Schilling does, and I doubt he'd ever do anything like that.  But could, say, the Boston voters figure this out and do something about it? 
  • In honor of Jeter's resigning, here's a pretty nice rundown of the 40 greatest Yankees of all time, and I can't really say I disagree with any of them, except for the omission of Paul O'Neil.  Nine seasons, 24.8 WAR, and 4 World Series titles have to get him on this list somewhere, right?
  • It's About The Money calls Hal Steinbrenner's bluff about the payroll limits for 2011.
  • In fact, it's probably better not to talk about Cliff Lee at all until real numbers from real teams from non-anonymous sources begin to surface.