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News Of The Night/Baseball Open Thread

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That's not Minka!
That's not Minka!

Update: 10:50 PM: The Yankees and Rangers are competing to sign Mark Prior to a minor league deal, according to Tom Krasovic.

-MLB.Com has a one on one interview between Sweeny Murti and Derek Jeter.

-Ken Rosenthal tweets that the Padres have signed Dustin Moseley to a major league deal. The Yankees wanted him back on a minor-league deal, but that's the risk they took in non-tendering him. Let's hope the Yankees can get Aceves back on a minor league deal.

-Moseley has his agent to thank, as if he didn't have that out clause in his Yankees contract, he wouldn't have made the majors with the Yankees by the time he did, and would probably not have enough MLB time to make a team like the Padres want him on a major league deal this offseason.

-Jon Heyman tweets that two teams have offered Cliff Lee seven year contracts. To those teams I say good luck, you will need it.

Some questions:

-If the Yankees and Rays weren't rivals and Matt Garza was available (which he is, the Rays are looking to trade him) would you be interested? At what price?

-Are you interested in Russell Martin for the Yankees?

-What relievers would you sign if you were the Yankees?

-What (fair) trades would you like the Yankees to make? Throw out some offers!

This is a baseball only open thread. Not "what Melkman did this weekend that was like totally awesome!" thread.