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The Tools of Ignorance: Tuesday News

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It's all about the follow-through.
It's all about the follow-through.

When Brian Cashman checked with Andy Pettitte last week, Pettitte was leaning towards retirement.

And here's the obligatory anonymous friend, saying that he expects Pettitte to play another season.

Kerry Wood must rank among Cashman's better mid-season trade deals; I think bringing Wood back would be the singled best pitching move the Yankees can make short of bringing in a former Cy Young winner.

Cashman won't give "closer money" to Wood. Does that mean he won't give Wood Mariano-Rivera-closer money ($15M) or won't give Wood normal closer money ($8M?)? Especially if either Pettitte or Lee doesn't wind up in New York, I would give $7M or $8M to put Wood in the 8th inning.

Speaking of former Cy Young winners, there are plenty of Zach Greinke rumors, but I think it's pretty silly to worry about him to much- with another year on his contract, the Royals are in no rush to move him.  While I'm confident they'd get the best deal for him before the season starts, that doesn't mean the Royals will be happy accepting the deal they'll be offered right now.

I thought Lance Berkman was a great pick-up, but injury and ineffectiveness hardly made him a fan favorite in the Bronx.  He's found a job with the Cardinals, apparently as the starting left fielder. I guess Tony LaRussa isn't concerned about his outfield defense.