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Monday Morning Links: Hall Of Fame, AL East Movement, Unbelievable Markets

-At 10 AM the Hall of Fame votes will be revealed and we will know if Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner made the Hall of Fame, among others.

-Shawn Marcum was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers for Brett Lawrie, a top Brewers prospect.

-The Yankees are willing to give Cliff Lee a sixth year, and the Texas Rangers are not. If the Rangers do give Lee a sixth year he will likely go back to Texas. As it has seemed all offseason, Lee definitely would rather play in Texas than New York, but also would definitely rather play for more years and money.

-The markets for all kinds of players is unbelievable. You have Jayson Werth getting seven years and soon we will see just how crazy it is this year. Will a desperate team go three-four years for Pavano? Will someone give Crawford an eighth year?

-Curtis Granderson will be on ESPN First Take today, sometime about two hours into the show.

-The Yankeeist looked at some possible non-tendered player signings for the Yankees.

-TYU has an interesting look at the Mark Teixeira failed signing by the Red Sox.

Here's the question of the week: You are starting an MLB team and can draft any 5 players from any teams that play any position, which do you take? Some might argue for more pitchers, some might argue for hitters. All I know is one of mine is Pujols and another is King Felix.