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Thursday Morning Links: Best Yankees Teams, The Pinstripe Bowl, And Predicting The 2011 Year In Sports

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Let's get straight to the links.

New York Baseball Digest ranked the top 10 Yankees teams of all times. I am a sucker for lists, as you can probably tell by now.

Bleacher Report continues to amuse me, and hopefully the rest of you, as they talk about possible landing spots for Felix Hernandez in a trade. I found it difficult to understand how the Red Sox could trade two of the prospects they already traded in the Adrian Gonzalez deal in a Felix Hernandez deal. Would you do the Yankees offer?

ESPN has a preview of the Pinstripe Bowl, which will be played today. Syracuse and Kansas State matchup at Yankee Stadium at 3:20 PM EST.

SI previews the 2011 year in baseball.

My prediction for the Super Bowl as of this second is Falcons over Patriots, but that could change any week.

Questions of the week: Let's just pretend that letting the young guys pitch is not an option. Which starter would you try to sign for the 5th spot? Do you think the Yankees need to sign a set up man, if so, who?