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Yankees' Defense and Defensive Efficiency

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File this one under "things I didn't know I knew."

I was perusing Baseball Reference last night, and...

Team Defensive Efficiency PO E K H
A's .709 4295 99 1070 1315
Yankees .707
4327 69 1154 1349
Rays .707 4361 85 1189 1347
M's .703 4314 110 973 1402
Rangers .701 4366 105 1181 1355
League Average .692 4332 101 1096 1425

It's a little surprising that the Yankees are second in the league in defensive efficiency (which measures outs per ball put in play). On the other hand, it's not surprising that 3 out of 4 playoff teams are above average.

Because the Yankees gave up so many fewer than average hits while also recording more than average outs by K, they masked the minimal range of their infield (especially the left side).

Since the outfield catches pretty much everything that stays in the park, maybe flyball pitchers aren't such a bad thing?