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Potential Trade Targets Part II: Atlanta Braves Pitchers

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Would you want Jair Jurrjens in pinstripes?
Would you want Jair Jurrjens in pinstripes?

Recently I emailed a ton of SB Nation writers about possible trade targets if the Yankees do not sign Cliff Lee. This scenario involves the Yankees trading for one of the Atlanta Braves pitchers, so who better to talk to than the great writers from Talking Chop? This is all speculation, but it is still interesting to see who other teams would want for certain pitchers. Braves pitchers are up!


While I'm sure the Braves' front office (and Martin) would be only too happy to give up Kawakami, his value is so low right now--due almost entirely to the Braves' bungling of his situation--that I doubt we could get anything in return other than salary relief. If you guys are willing to provide that, I'm sure we'd jump on it, but it'd hardly be the answer to Yankees' fans desires.

I see that Lowe's name has been thrown around a bit, but honestly, I think Jair Jurrjens would be more likely to be traded. Given his lower salary, he'd likely fetch a greater return than Lowe (unless the Braves paid part of Lowe's deal). Personally, I love Brett Gardner and would happily take him straight up in exchange for JJ, but the Braves would probably want a prospect or two in addition to sweeten the pot. Actually, I think this sort of deal could work out very well for both sides, though I doubt the Yanks would trade Gardner.

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Now I don't think I'd want to give up Kenshin Kawakami for completely free, but I'd entertain a deal where the Braves shipped off Kawakami, ate a portion of his salary, and maybe got Brett Gardner in return, straight up.  But that would basically leave the Yankees with another Kei Igawa situation, and I'm pretty sure Yankee fans don't want that.

Personally, I'm not averse to trading Derek Lowe while his value is a little on the upswing, and if anyone can take the hit of 2/$30M left, it's the Yankees.  I'm not going to pretend like I pay attention to every Yankee game on the planet, or their farm system, so have some entertainment with this, but something revolving around Derek Lowe for Brett Gardner, David Robertson, and a prospect like Brad Suttle, Braves may or may not eat some of the salary.  This fulfills some of the Yankees' need for innings left vacant by Vazquez and maybe Pettitte, and the Braves get a decent OBP outfielder, a cost-controlled RHP reliever, and a switch-hitting infielder prospect to be yet another name tossed into the hat of heir to Chipper Jones.  If that doesn't seem fair enough, you can have Kawakami as well, there too.

Aside from these unrealistic scenarios, I agree that the Braves and Yankees don't seem to match up too well right now.



Right now I don't think the Braves would trade a starter, but if you want Kenshin Kawakami you can bloody have him for free.

Last year we probably would have traded you Lowe over Vazquez, but as it turns out you chose poorly, and in Lowe the Braves actually managed to keep the better starter. Still, if a team came in and offered a really good center fielder and another part or two I would think the Braves would part with Lowe (and his contract). And no, I'm not counting Granderson as a center fielder we'd take in return.

Really, I would say the Braves and Yankees probably don't match up real well right now.

Seems like the Yankees and Braves don't match up too well. Would you do any of the proposed trades, and would you want any of the Braves pitchers?