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Bomber Links: Recalibrating the Hype Machine

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This offseason, there his been a lot of chatter about the pitching depth in the lower levels of the New York Yankees farm system.  The term "Killer Bs" is fun to throw around, some have shown Ivan Nova support, and the more avid followers of the system have nice things to say about Adam Warren, D.J. Mitchell, Graham Stoneburner, Hector Noesi, and maybe one or two others.

What if I told you that we had a pitcher not previously mentioned who threw 88 innings of 2.04 ERA ball at AA and 70 innings of 3.07 ERA ball at AAA in 2010?  It's time that some of the hype around the Yankees system falls on David Phelps.  Full scouting report via RAB.  Blockquote time:

Phelps has come a long way since high school. Once a scrawny kid that would sit in the low-90′s on a good day, Phelps has filled out his 6-foot-3 frame (190 lbs.) and now throws his fastball at 93-95 mph consistently. Minor league pitching coordinator Nardi Contreras made some minor adjustments soon after Phelps signed, leading to the improved velocity. He also throws a two-seam fastball right around 90 mph, a good curveball, and both a below average slider and changeup.

If you ask me, Phelps is the closest that we have to being a major league ready pitcher with upside, and if there's still an open spot in the rotation come April, he'd be my front-runner.

Also, if you've forgotten why Bleacher Report is a running joke, allow me to refresh your memory.