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Pinstripe Alley Awards: Vote For Best Fanpost of 2010

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After much consideration, I have started the poll over. I originally considered not including An Open Letter To Ed Valentine in the final poll, as it wasn't really about baseball and didn't involve research and vast knowledge of the game of baseball like the others. I don't necessarily disagree with the letter, but the facts are that Wraithpk can still win with his other fanpost in the top 5, and free is likely to win at least one award as well. If you have any problem with the switch, email me rather than arguing in the comments. Thank you.

YankeesRock's Cervelli's All Star Bid

MattF15's Thank You, Yankees

Jedi Master A-Rod's The Great CC Sabathia Feast (my personal favorite)

Wraithpk's Why Barndon, and everyone else here needs to stop ignoring sabermetrics

Yankees Fanbase in Pinstripe Alley