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Pinstripe Alley Awards: Best Fanpost of 2010

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Now that we are heading towards the end of the year, I would like to steal an idea from Marisa at Over the Monster. We will be giving out various awards for the best of 2010 here at Pinstripe Alley.

The comments are only for nominations and all other comments will be deleted. Instead of saying +1 I ask that you rec any nomination that you agree with. Remember, non-nomination comments will be deleted.

If a nomination gets a certain number of recs (we haven't set the number yet, but it will likely be 3-6) the nominated user will be in the final vote, a poll later on.

This award is for the best fanpost of 2010. Please remember this is 2010 only. Nominate and rec in the comments, we hope to get a lot of choices! (By most valuable we mean adds the most to the conversation, not funniest, as funniest will likely be another award.) Mods fanposts are not allowed to be voted for or nominated for this specific award. Have fun and make sure to nominate and rec and check the archives for the best fanposts! We will have another award tomorrow!