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Proposition Bets Winner

Remember the proposition bets made back in April before the season started? I finally got around to tabulating the winner. Drum roll please....

It's bpagano, who correctly answered 16 of the 20 questions. He recently received a copy of Yankees by the Numbers, which he will hopefully enjoy during the coming season.

The average contestant answered 12.3 questions correctly.

The easiest questions were numbers 7 and 9, of which 40 of the 43 contestants chose wisely.

7. Home runs for Brett Gardner or stolen bases for Mark Teixeira? - GGBG hit five long-balls on the year while Tex was utterly silent on the base-paths.

9. Complete games for CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett vs. every other starter? - The duo only combined for three, but that was three more than any other Yankee pitcher.

The toughest question was no. 14:

Triples for Nick Swisher or passed balls for Francisco Cervelli? - Only seven contestants picked the correct answer, speedy Nick Swisher, who totaled three triples. Cervelli, despite allowing 35 wild pitches, conceded just two passed balls.

Look for another book contest this spring.