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Required reading: Steven Goldman

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Steven is one of the fine writers at, and runs his own blog, Pinstriped Bible. I stumbled across two excellent articles that should be required reading for any serious Yankee fan.

The first is about the catching situation, and how Russell Martin, Frankie Cervelli and Jesus Montero fit in -

In other words, Martin gives Montero a chance to heat up his bat and get a few reps behind the plate in Triple-A while letting the season get under way so that when Montero is later promoted and installed behind the plate there will be other things going on to keep the white hot focus of the Yankee fanbase and media from zeroing in on him and him alone at the start of the season. The fact of the matter is there's a much better chance of Montero hitting than Martin, so order will be restored to the Yankee universe in short order.

The second article is a similar topic, but with pitchers in place of catchers -

You would think [Cashman] would be excited about what a great opportunity the team has to get better and save money at the same time. As I've said throughout the offseason, the Yankees have so many near-ready pitching prospects that at least one of them should pay off. It's entirely possible they go 0-for-8 or so in young starters in 2011, but it seems unlikely, especially given how talented some of these kids are. While only one of them seems to have true ace potential at this writing (young Mr. Betances), somewhere on this year's Scranton or Trenton rosters lurks a pitcher or two who can fill out the back of a rotation better than Dustin Moseley or Sergio Mitre can, and that's all the Yankees really need if their offense and defense are up to last year's standards.

I disagree that Betances is the only one with ace potential (Banuelos and Brackman also have it), but aside from that, it's spot on.